Missions We Provide

JTAC Training with Ordnance

Air USA is licensed, certified and actively purchases, possesses and releases ordnance, day and night, for the purposes of JTAC, TACP, FAC(A) and JFO training. All ordnance handling and employment procedures are in line with USAF and/or USN procedures. All Air USA ordnance is handled by current or retired US military ordnancemen.

Air to Air Threat with Unlimited Maneuvering

Air USA can provide valid fighter threats with its arsenal of fighter aircraft as well as ALQ-167, AST-6/9 and other jammer pods. Air USA can engage in unlimited maneuvering BFM, ACM and DACT. Air USA is not limited to 180 degrees of turn after the merge. Air USA can provide advanced large force, multiple group, multiple aircraft scenarios, including EA. All pilots are current or retired US military fighter weapon school graduates or combat veterans. Pilots are available for pre-brief, brief and debrief.

Flight Test Support

Air USA is capable of performing all manner of flight test support missions. Air USA aircraft are certified to carry EW Pods, tracking pods,Towed Targets, and towed strafe banners. Air USA is capable of providing a large force threat with multiple high performance jet aircraft attacking in coordination per test objectives.

Mission Capabilities

• Fixed Wing Close Air Support
• Government approved Live Close Air Support –Air USA provides Ordnance
• Day and Night missions including night bombing on NVG’s
• NTISR Training with MX-15’s mounted on high performance jet aircraft
• Digitally Aided CAS - VMF Strike Link Alpha
• Air Intercept Training
• Threat Simulation with Electronic Warfare Pods- ALQ-167, and AST-6/9
• Target Towing

Certified to Carry
IMER, MER, SUU-20, CBLS 200, AIM-9, AST-6, LATR, ALQ-167, EATS, TACTS, TSS, ACMI, ALE-43, RM-30,AN/ASQ-40T, A100, and AST-9.