Air USA is a U. S. Government Contractor that provides an impressive array of Tactical Aircraft Services to the U. S. Defense Agencies, Defense Contractors, and Foreign Governments. Our high performance aircraft and support team are capable of deploying and sustaining high paced operations for extended periods of time in order to meet our customers training needs. We provide our customers a Turn Key operation as we provide Aircraft, Pilots, JTAC, JTAC Instructors, Maintenance, Ordnance and support equipment.


To address the Military Training Requirements during a time of shrinking budgets, fewer Military Aircraft and fewer Military Tactical aviators. (downsizing)


To enhance the military capabilities and combat readiness of our customers by providing advanced electronic threat simulation, advanced combat air presentations, and air to ground ordnance delivery for JTAC, TACP, FAC (A) and JFO training.


All Air USA’s pilots are career Military Tactical Aviators, (active duty, reserve or retired) Fighter Weapons School graduates, test pilots or combat veterans.


Hawk, Alpha Jet, L-39, L-59, MiG 29